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larymar cosmetics luxury made in italy

Bio-engineered cosmetics

 It is our goal to create a product that make you look and feel younger instantly and visibly . 

It is not our goal to create just another cosmetic brand. Instead, everybody wants to stay young, While working in a Biotech laboratory,  we have engineered the right formula to make it look like your skin is young again. If your skin looks younger, you feel younger. LARYMAR gives you the face exactly of how you feel.

velvet line black gold mask larymar cosmetics lifting effect made in italy luxury antiaging cosmetics

La Grande Bellezza is Italian

For 'The Great Beauty' Your face is priceless and precious as a jewel. That is why our laboratory near Milan has developed for you:

The Jewel for your skin

velvet line jojoba scrub lifting effect made in italy larymar cosmetics anti aging antiage
italy made in italy la dolce vita luxury
velvet line larymar antiage lifting product luxury line antiage made in italy
velvet line ultra lifting serum antiaging antiage luxury cosmetics
italy made in italy la dolce vita luxury

Our story 

It all started at the beginning of this century in a laboratorium just below Milan, Italy. Our mission: Create by the use of new bio-technology a creme to prevent the aging of the facial skin. What followed were years of testing, decaying, perfecting the recipe. We have succeeded in our mission and are happy to present to you: Larymar Cosmetics.

velvet line lifting cream antiage cosmetics made in italy

We are proud of our products and like to share experiences with you. If you are interested in more detailed information about Larymar Cosmetics please read our brochure.

larymar professional treatment set compl
larymar woman

Larymar Professional Treatment is a line of exclusive products dedicated to beauticians and beauty professionals.

An outstanding treatment that lends your skin new-found youth.
DiscDiscover Larymar Professional Treatment, an exclusive formula that regenerates the epidermis in just a few steps, leaving it glowing and fresh.

Through the combined action of five different anti-ageing cosmetics (each one to be used in individual treatment stages), Larymar Professional Treatment acts deep down in the skin.

A luxurious line of exclusive products dedicated to the most demanding beauty professionals.

An outstanding treatment that lends your skin incomparable youth.

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