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Energize, illuminate, and breathe life into your skin with our Brightening Face Peeling, designed for skin prone to pigmentation. This powerful treatment goes beyond the surface, providing deep and intensive cleansing to reveal a natural, clear complexion. The product works to enhance the skin's brightness, improve irregular pigmentation in discolored skin, and leave it pure, fresh, and pleasantly revitalized.

Brightening Peeling STEP 2

€87.00 Regular Price
€65.00Sale Price
  • Key Ingredients and Description:
    Alpha Hydroxy Acids with Hydrating Agents (Oligosaccharides and Urea):
    These ingredients intervene in the renewal processes of the skin's outer layer, accelerating cell turnover and increasing the vitality of crucial skin layers. The result is heightened skin brightness, improved hydration, and increased elasticity of the epidermis.
    Mandelic Acid:
    With exfoliating properties, mandelic acid stimulates proliferative activity and contributes to skin renewal. It reduces wrinkles, enhances skin tone and color, and lightens pigmentation spots.
    Bearberry Grape Extract:
    Performs brightening action through competition with arbutin and binding to receptors of the enzyme tyrosinase, responsible for melanin formation.
    Licorice Extract:
    Containing glabridin, it imparts a brightening effect by suppressing the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production.
    Achillea Extract:
    Performs illuminating, protective, and toning actions.
    Experience the transformative effects of our Brightening Face Peeling, carefully formulated to not only brighten but also illuminate your skin, leaving it cleansed, fresh, and pleasantly invigorated

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