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Restores skin tone, providing effective protection against the aggression of external factors such as pollution and cold wind, while also combating signs of aging.

Ultra Lifting Serum

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Plant Stem Cells from Rare Swiss Apple Varieties:
    Help shield the skin from UV radiation and combat epidermal oxidation.
    Polysaccharides from Senna Alexandrina:
    Contributes to the reduction of dark circles under the eyes in just two weeks. Activates collagen production, diminishes wrinkles, and enhances the appearance around the eyes.
    Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15:
    Reduces nerve response to external irritants, defining an increased tolerance threshold for the skin.
    Acts on the postsynaptic membrane, delivering a waterless myorelaxant effect that reduces muscle cell contractions. Smoothens expression lines.
    Experience the power of skin transformation. Use this serum to defy time and unveil a more youthful complexion.
    For maximum effectiveness, request a personalized usage protocol for your skin type in the chat.


    Active Components:
    Rare marine algae Fucus Vesiculosus from the Bay of Maine
    Acetyl Tetrapeptide


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