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Rejuvenating Skin Serum

Our serum is enriched with soothing and calming compounds, restoring uniformity, elasticity, and softness to your skin. It acts gently, tending to the most sensitive skin, providing a revitalizing and moisturizing effect.

Sensitive Skin Serum STEP3

  • Extracts of Butcher's Broom, Gotu Kola, Horse Chestnut, Licorice, Provitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Yeast Proteins:
    Enhance microcirculation and effectively combat dark circles and couperose.
    Protect microvascular vessels, fortifying their tone and soothing the skin.
    Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15:
    Reduces nerve reactions to external irritants.
    Increases the skin's tolerance threshold.
    High Molecular Density Hyaluronic Acid:
    Provides a soothing, healing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin's surface.
    Provitamin B5:
    Possesses moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, and nourishing properties.
    Executes moisturizing and soothing actions.
    Stimulates tissue regeneration processes, leaving the skin soft, elastic, and velvety while shielding it from external aggressors.
    Indulge your skin in the luxurious care of our Rejuvenating Skin Serum. Crafted with precision to cater to the delicacy of sensitive skin, this serum combines the power of botanical extracts and advanced peptides for a transformative experience. Revel in the restoration of your skin's vitality, leaving it supple, resilient, and beautifully protected.

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