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A gentle foam that delicately cleanses the skin, leaving it with a velvety and fresh tone. Provides a toning and firming effect, enhances elasticity, and improves skin microcirculation.


Antiage Cleansing Foam STEP1

  • Composition and Description:
    Ultra-Gentle Surface-Active Agents:
    Clinically tested and dermatologically compatible, these agents delicately cleanse the skin, leaving behind an exquisite velvety finish. Surface-active agents are substances adept at removing dirt and reducing surface sebum, facilitating its removal and promoting a cleaner skin surface.
    Field Horsetail Extract:
    Known for its binding, firming properties, this extract aids in wound healing and enhances skin elasticity.
    Ginseng Extract:
    Renowned for its healing, toning, and microcirculation-stimulating properties.
    Lactic Acid:
    An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) with exfoliating effects, promoting cell renewal and normalizing the skin’s pH level.


    Surfactants (PAV)

    Extracts of field horsetail, ginseng, echinacea

    Lactic acid

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