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Ultra Concentrate Serum for Eye CareAn advanced serum designed to combat signs of aging, delivering intensive rejuvenation, hydration, and soothing effects.


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Eye Contour Serum STEP 2

  • Composition and Description:
    Cassia Angustifolia Polysaccharides:
    Enhance skin radiance and combat wrinkles. Provide long-lasting moisturization by increasing the stratum corneum's water retention capacity. Improve skin softness, elasticity, and ensure optimal protection. A plant-based alternative to hyaluronic acid.
    Hyaluronic Acid Liposomes:
    Help reduce wrinkles, add volume, and offer moisturizing, smoothing, and restructuring effects. Provide a more youthful and relaxed appearance to the skin. (Liposomes: microscopic spheres consisting of alternating layers of fat and water, facilitating delivery through the skin.)
    Hyaluronic Acid with High and Low Molecular Density:
    Possesses moisturizing effects, leaving the skin smooth, soft, and velvety, effectively combating signs of aging.
    Stabilized Micro-Lipids of Vitamin C:
    Exerts inhibitory effects on melanogenesis, protects against phototoxicity, and stimulates collagen synthesis. In micro-lipid form, it has a structure similar to cell membranes, prolonging its bioavailability and enhancing absorption on the skin.

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