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Energize, refresh, and stimulate your skin with our Body Sculpting Serum, a dynamic formula designed to enhance microcirculation, strengthen, tone, and combat cellulite. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating effects that seamlessly integrate into your skin barrier, fortifying its integrity.


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Body Serum STEP 3

  • Composition and Features:

    Bio-Intellectual Micro-Ingredients LIS LARYMAR:
    Revolutionary dual-layered capsules with surface peptides that act like a GPS, guiding the capsule to adipocytes and releasing anti-cellulite active agents inside the cell through hydrolysis of the same substance.
    Abyssinian Extract:
    Rich in anti-irritants and antioxidants, providing a powerful energy boost, refreshing sensations, and stimulating effects.
    Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica):
    Enhances microcirculation, delivering firming, toning, and anti-cellulite benefits.
    Echinacea Extract:
    Boasts excellent firming, toning, and elasticizing properties.
    Liquid Crystal Emulsifier from Olive Oil:
    With chemical and physical characteristics resembling the epidermis, seamlessly integrates into the skin barrier, strengthening its integrity. Significantly enhances the delivery of functional substances and skin hydration. Leaves the skin soft and velvety.
    Revitalize your body with the synergy of advanced bio-intellectual ingredients and natural wonders, sculpting a renewed and toned silhouette.

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