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Velvet Line Jojoba Scrub
Scrub viso, 50 ml

Skin smooth as silk, visibly younger from the first application.
Thanks to the L.I.S Larymar Intelligent System molecule , this scrub guarantees a delicate double exfoliation (mechanical and chemical) and stimulates the production of collagen and elastine making the skin smooth and young to the touch and sight.

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One Scrub – 6 actions

Mechanical exfoliation

Jojoba micro granules ensure theskin delicacy


Jojoba micro granule

Gently clean the skin, creating on its surface a thin protective nutricious wax layer. They display great exfoliation features making the skin smooth and velvety. They gently take care of the skin of the face, neck and neckline.



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Principal actions

Double Exfoliation

Spoil your skin with gentle, but thorough exfoliation. The jojoba micro granules and the synergy of alfa-hydroacids with natural and moisturizing factors provide both, mechanic and chemical exfoliation.


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I really enjoyed the product as well as the feedback itself!

Why? You didn’t sell me the product i have paid for on the site, but you called me promptly and consulted me professionally. So, as a result the order has been replaced by the needed product thing that is really important.

Daria I

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

1. How to correctly apply the scrub?

2. How to apply to my skin type?

3. Will it suit me well?

4. What shouldn’t be done to achieve better results?

5. How to intensify the scrub’s effect?

6. How will I feel after applying the scrub?


Do you want to know whether the scrub suits your skin type well?


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