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Larymar Bio-Intelligence



The Larymar Bio Intelligence is an inovative skincare technology developed in our laboratory near Milan, Italy. It is  based based on micro-ingredients. Bio-intelligent micro-ingredients are able to detect and target only specific cells. To simplify: it is like driving with a GPS device, the micro-ingredients find exactly the way to reach to the core of the target cells. By this up to 92% of the active ingredients of Larymar reach the inside of the target cells and renew them. Traditional cosmetic products reach only 9%


By developing Larymar our goal was to exceed the current limits by using the latest technology in skincare. With the introduction of our first Velvet productline we succeeded in this.


Years of research on Larymar have shown it effectively improves visible signs of aging by improving skin hydration and elasticity, reduces the appearance of over-pigmentation and skin inflammation. Larymar assists in giving skin a healthier, vibrant glow by binding to skin proteins collagen and elastin and fighting harmful free radicals. Daily supplementation of Larymar improves redness, skin hardening and flaking. 


That's how we will help you to make your life a little bit more beautiful.

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Questions ?


If you have questions about Larymar Cosmetics please check the Frequent Asked Questions. > more

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